Wonder Oven Chicken

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I had a busy day on Sunday and in trying to figure out how I was going to meet all my church obligations and still eat dinner about 6 pm, I decided to use my trusty wonder oven.  So far, I had not used it for meat, but it was so easy, I will definitely be expanding its uses to include everything!

I have this yummy chicken recipe from Pioneer Woman for her Ranch Style Chicken.   I guess it’s been awhile since I actually looked at the recipe (I’m not very good at following directions),  so mine is much more simple to make – especially with the help of the wonder oven.   For MY version, all you need is chicken, barbeque sauce, cheese, and bacon.  That’s it.   If you’ve got time, do what the Pioneer Woman says … everything she cooks looks and tastes fabulous, but if you don’t want to go through all those extra steps, the wonder oven is your friend.    By making minor changes, I ended up with a delicious meal, and by switching things up a bit, it wasn’t a big enough deal to matter (especially if no one else knew how you were SUPPOSED to do it!)

  1.  First, I seasoned 4 chicken breasts and placed them in a greased stainless steel pot.  I purchased this pot at a kitchen store, and it is something that’s supposed to hold utensils.  It’s just the perfect size for this.  In fact, it would have held 6 chicken breasts.    I then put that pot inside a bigger stock pot and added water.


2.   Added foil to the top


3.  Put the stock pot on the burner, added the lid,  and turned up the heat.    The lid is very important.  You need this covered pot to boil for a minimum of 15 minutes to get the temperature high enough to cook properly.  Food poisoning is not allowed.

4.  Once it’s boiled for 15 minutes, use hot pad holders and set the whole thing inside your wonder oven.  (The wonder oven is also placed inside a plastic tub, or a box.  Just something to keep it from getting knocked over and burning someone.)   I like to make sure mine is all snuggled in with the fabric touching all sides of the pot.  I don’t want any of the heat escaping, and the wonder oven helps insulate your pot

5.  Walk away and forget about it.

I started this process about 9 am.  We left at 10.00 and went to church.  Six hours later,  I packed the wonder oven, still in the tub,  in the car and drove about an hour to our destination.    The wonder oven and tub made the trip just fine.    I carried the tub into the house and at 5 pm, opened the lid.  I was pleased to see steam pour out of the stock pot AND the stainless steel pot with the chicken.

With the chicken all cooked, all I had to do was:

  1.  slather each piece with barbeque sauce
  2. add shredded cheddar cheese, and
  3. place a strip of bacon over each piece

I turned the broiler on and kept an eye on it.  As soon as the bacon looked crispy, which was only about 10 minutes, I pulled it out of the oven and it was ready to eat!

ranch style chicken
Courtesy of Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman

Next time, I think I will add whole potatoes to the stock pot so they can cook alongside!

The wonder oven is such a great timesaver, and it’s so nice to be able to slow cook without electricity.

You’ve just GOT to try it!!


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