Wonder Oven? Or Wonder Freezer?

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The temperatures are already rising here in Houston.  Just wanted to remind you that even though wonder ovens will cook your food and bake your bread, they are also amazing for keeping things cold!

Just last week I wanted to buy some ice cream and take it home, but our house is a good 30 minutes from a big grocery store.    Fortunately, I have a wonder oven that I keep in the car just for that purpose.   So I purchased the ice cream, put it in the wonder oven, and even stopped to pick up my grandson from pre-K before getting home with it over and hour later.   I was happy to see that it was just as firm as it had been when I put it in there.

blue bell ice cream

Last summer, I found a great deal on butter at Aldi, and I bought 20 pounds of it.  I do like my butter, but I was also picking some up for my daughter. At $1.69/pound, you can see why.  On that particular day, though, I had lots of errands to do, and the butter was going to have to stay in the car for a couple of hours.    That was no problem at all.  Again, I put it in the wonder oven and it was just fine, and still solid (thankfully), when I got home.

The great thing about the wonder ovens I make is that it’s not overstuffed, and that means that you can use it for a variety of shapes and sizes.  It’s “floppy” enough to keep a pizza hot on your way home, or to keep ice cream frozen.


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