Thank you for your purchase of All They’ll Need to Know.

You have paid for the following:

The digital version – you’ll be able to download it to your computer and open it with Microsoft Word. You can add or delete pages that are not relevant to you. You can also save information to a disk for a trusted family member or friend.

Download the ebook and the bonus video below.  You will not receive anything in the mail.

ATNTK-MSW  – It will download to your computer, so it’s important that you know where it gets saved.

VIDEO COACHING – BONUS. Watch as I walk you through each step of the process in not only recording your information, but in documenting it! Grab a binder, some page protectors, your reading glasses, and let’s get started!

If, for any reason, you are unable to download this book from this page, please email me at preparejoyce@gmail.com and let me know. I will send the book in a file right away. Be sure to remember where you download the file.

Things you’ll need:

* 3-ring binder – punch 3 holes in the book and put it in the binder.

* 3-hole punch

* page protectors – put a page protector behind each topic and use it to slip the actual documents.

The rest is up to you.

* review the book and see what information you’ll need.

* don’t panic!

* anything you write down is more than you had before.

* write down what you already have stored in your head

* start searching for documents

* tell someone trustworthy what you’re doing and where you’re keeping it

* keep it in a fireproof box at home so you’ll have access 24/7

* mark your calendar to review and update at least once a year

I hope this copy of All They’ll Need to Know is helpful to you. Please refer us to your friends.

Joyce Pierce