About Joyce

finals31Joyce Moseley Pierce coasted into the preparedness business with nothing more than an idea and desire!  In 1989 she learned about a young mother whose husband had been killed by a drunk driver while taking their two daughters to school.   Reading about this woman’s struggles to settle the estate, she thought about her own situation.  She was the one who handled all of the paper in their home, and most of that information was stored in her head.  Without her there to guide them, she knew her family would be in trouble.   With a notebook and pen in hand, she went to work and started the process of recording everything her family would need to know.

After talking to others about her project, and with encouragement from her husband, she realized she had something that would benefit others.  Using her own information, she created a 32-page book that simply prompts the user to fill in the blanks.  All They’ll Need to Know went to print under a newly created business, Emerson Publications.

Somewhere along the way, Joyce realized that there were multiple uses for the book.   It’s also a great resource for a 72-hour kit!  If you have to evacuate your home, or just need details for filling out applications, you’ve got it all right there in one compact space.

Today, with the speed of the internet, the book can be downloaded immediately.  This is important for someone who feels impressed to start working on it now.   There’s also a second version available that allows the user to type directly into the document.  It makes it much easier to keep the document current and uncluttered.   It also gives the user the opportunity to burn an extra copy for that trusted loved one who may need access to the details.

Joyce also works with groups to bring customized copies of All They’ll Need to Know to their clients.