These are some of my favorite people.   We’re all preppers and we’ve all got a message.   Many of them have been guests on my radio show. Check back often because the list is always growing!

Angela Paskett (Food Storage and Survival)

Donna Miller (Your Preparation Station, Millers Grain House, PREPARE Magazine, Surviving on Shoestrings)

Linda Loosli (Food Storage Moms)

Jane (Mom with a Prep)

Gaye (Backdoor Survival)

Jamie (Prepared Housewives)

John (Geek Prepper)

Tess Pennington (Ready Nutrition)

Julie Sczerbinski (Home Ready Home)

Sharon Peterson (Simply Canning and Homeschool Boys)

Vickilynn Haycraft (Real Food Living)

Todd Walker (Survival Sherpa)

Laurie Neverman (Common  Sense Home)

Daisy Luther (The Organic Prepper)

Chris Ray (Prepared Christian)

Jodi Moore and Julie Weiss (Food Storage Made Easy)

Elissa C. Teal (The Crunchy Mama)

James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H. (The Survival Doctor)

Todd Sepulveda (Prepper Website)

Jennifer Osuch (Are We Crazy, Or What?)

Tammy Trayer (Mountain Woman Journals or Mountain Man Journals)

Stephanie Larsen (The Wannabe Homesteader)

Darrell Batton (Florida Hillbilly)