A comprehensive account of financial records and personal requests

You can’t turn on the news without hearing about tragedy. Most of the time these news stories are about people we don’t know – people who live in another part of town – people who come from a different economic or social background. We go on with our lives, feeling secure that it can’t happen to us. But wait a minute. Can it?

We’d like to think that we’re safe, but there are no guarantees! If your families were left to make arrangements for you, would they know what to do?

We don’t like to think about death – either our own or our loved ones, but what about a crisis situation?   If you were required to evacuate your home you would probably only have about 5 minutes to gather what you wanted before you had to leave.

What if all of your family members aren’t at home?  Would you know how to locate them?

Are you organized enough to be able to grab all of your important documents?  I’m talking about birth certificates, marriage licenses, deeds to your property?   If you have to evacuate, you will be required to show proof of ownership before you can re-enter your property.

Probably not!

We don’t like to think of being separated from our families, but  there may come a day when you or your family may need this valuable information without warning. All They’ll Need to Know provides the forms to help you answer some very important questions. Your taking the time to go through this exercise will minimize the emotional and financial strain your family will undoubtedly face in such a situation.

“The information in this book, in my opinion, is something everybody should be considering no matter what their age or health. The feeling of knowing that you will have everything you need in one place in the event something happens is worth its weight in gold. I have my copy and I’m already getting it setup.” Terry Rigg, Budget Stretcher

“Terri Schiavo’s experience will heighten awareness of the importance of families dealing with end-of-life issues, and this is an incredible legacy.” Florida Governor Jeb Bush, quoted in USA Today

All They’ll Need to Know will help you and your loved ones have a sense of security.

This 32 page book contains forms for providing:

Vital Statistics

Professional Records

Military Records

Funeral Instructions

Names of those to Notify and…

Financial Information regarding…:
– Checking and Savings Accounts
– Location and Contents of Safe Deposit Box
– Certificates of Deposit
– Stocks
– Bonds
– Mutual Funds
– Savings Plans
– Retirement Programs
– Trust Accounts
– Real Estate
– Loans Payable and Receivable
– Insurance
– Automobiles
– Credit Cards

One book is designed to accommodate personal information for a couple, so only one is needed per household.

If you’re not the one who handles these matters in your home, it is important for you to have this information completed now so you will have all the answers when you need them.

If you are the one who handles them, can you think of a better way to let your family know you care about them than to guide them step-by-step through the process of managing these important decisions?

Typical concerns of family members surviving the loss of a loved one, but questions often asked too late are:

How will we get enough cash to live on until the estate is settled?

Are there insurance policies and bank accounts I don’t know about?

Who do we contact to claim our losses?

What do our insurance policies cover?  What is the deductible?

What should we do about the funeral and burial?

All They’ll Need to Know provides the forms to help you discuss and settle these issues. . . before it’s too late, and while you can still discuss them with each other.

All They’ll Need to Know will open doors for your family to discuss matters that are all too often considered private and personal. It’s a great opportunity to share your love with your family as you instruct them on the things that are important to you.

Once you look through the book, you’ll see how the forms simplify the process of recording this valuable information.

Read what some of our customers had to say:

“This book would have saved me countless hours of searching and distress when what I really needed was to just be able to grieve and heal. Death is inevitable and doing the work in this book can give comfort to the ones you leave behind and free their spirits to honor you.” Jan Scott

This book is perfect for the busy person and the ones who like to KEEP IT SIMPLE. I am very thankful to have this. All my wishes and wants upon death will not be questioned if my loved ones look at this book and follow my requests. A vast amount of information, neatly compiled in a legible, relatively small book. It’s a time saver and information headquarters! It is perfect. I love it.” Lynda Luther

Here’s what the magazines have to say:
“Speaking personally, when my mother died recently, in spite of the fact that it was inevitable and expected, it was amazing how unprepared we were to handle all the details. We got my mother’s birthday wrong in the obituary and we couldn’t locate some distant relatives without a lot of effort. All of this would have been so much easier with this booklet.” Marcella Gauthier, Escapees Magazine (Sharing the RV Lifestyle) Jan/Feb 2003

“This booklet could be very useful to attorneys who provide planning services and might replace other forms of questionnaires they distribute to clients. Family members will also find the information they need to assume control for an ill or incapacitated parent.” Scott Franklin, Wisconsin Lawyer, May 2003

Additional benefits to having this comprehensive guide:

This is a valuable resource for you now, and an invaluable resource for your loved ones.

1. Extended vacations – Have access to credit card information in case of lost or stolen card; insurance information in case of accident at home or away; contact information for friends and family.

2.  Evacuation – Store information on a flash drive, or email it to yourself so you’ll have access to it if you have to leave your home.   You will need documentation to re-enter your home in a crisis situation.

3. Carry with you to complete loan applications – have access to all creditor information, including name, address, phone, account number, beginning balance, payment amount, payment date, etc.

4. Reference tool at home for login information and quick access to account numbers and other pertinent information.

4. Estate planning –  Your financial planner will love it if you walk in prepared.  It could save you hundreds of hours because you’re saving time.

Word of caution: This book, once completed, contains sensitive information that should be kept secure.  Once completed, share it with a responsible adult that you can trust.

Don’t put this off another day!!

Don’t you love your family enough to want to protect what you own?

Don’t YOU want the benefit of your loved one’s advice when YOU are left to make the arrangements?

Can you really afford NOT to have this book to help you organize your information?

If you have a business and are interested in ordering for your clients or customers, contact me for details.

Give them something that will put your name in front of your customers or clients for years…and generations to come.

This makes a great incentive for clients, customers and employees.   We have several options and are willing to work with you.

1.  Print and drop-ship your customized order to a local FedEx Office location (and save on shipping).  Prices determined by current rates.

2.  Put the book on a customized CD.

3.  Create a link to offer your clients a special price for this download when you promote it to your mailing list.   It will cost you nothing!