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July 4, 2018 Bathroom

Adding Height to Antique Bathroom Vanity

An antique bathroom vanity aspect adds a traditional and ancient to your bathroom, but you may notice that you have to crouch to look in the mirror. If your old bathroom vanity is lower than you wanted, no reason to get rid of it or to follow bent. Instead, use furniture lifts to give you the extra height you need. Choose permanent lifting of wooden furniture to match your dressing table. Instructions:  Clean the four legs of your dresser with soap and water and let dry completely before proceeding. Clean paws remove any debris that could cause the elevator to settle unevenly on the concave surface of the bands.

Antique bathroom vanity each leg and slide a riser under each. Everyone should be the same size and shape.Screw elevators wooden legs toilet with a screwdriver and screws supplied with the bands. Each elevator has at least one screw hole and some have three or four.

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