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December 27, 2018 Door & Windows

Air Curtain Door for Keeping Cost

Air Curtain Door – It is very common that when entering a commercial place. Notice a strong current of hot air above our head just as it crosses the entrance. This effect is seen especially in places where. By commercial criteria, they keep the exterior door open during all the days of the year. This is because they have air curtains. Let’s see what this complement of air conditioning and the energy that can get to consume.

Regardless of the type of air curtain door we use, it is convenient to remember that. By pushing air vertically over the “gap” left by the door when it remains open. Some of the air that we have previously heated will go to the street. Therefore we will literally “pull” part of the energy. On the other hand, the vast majority of air curtains installed in commercial premises are by electrical resistances. Which as we have seen, is one of the most “anti-economic” methods of generating heat.

Although air curtain door may seem like a simple and economical element. You have to be very careful with the energy source they use. In most shops/installers we will try to “sell” a curtain with electrical resistances and may not be the best Option. Although the most economical when it is installed. On the other hand, it should be considered if the cost of keeping the doors open is compensated with the commercial benefit it brings to our premises.

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