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December 1, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

Great Antique Fireplace Mantels Design

Traditionally, the presence of a fireplace in your home was a sign of antique decor. With more and more designers creating stylish and contemporary fireplaces and chimneys, however, creating a chimney and fireplace that seems truly bucolic sometimes you may require more planning. There are certain elements that can be included on your mantelpiece; however, they guarantee that goes with an antique fireplace mantels decor.

Creating ledge stone antique fireplace mantels is in some ways the obvious solution for stone fireplaces. Stone has an antique look away, because it comes from nature. A stone fireplace would perfectly match with a stone fireplace of any variety. To create one, just select the stones that have the desired shape of the front of the mantel, and broad, flat stones mantelpiece. Stick together with cement or a comparable substance.

Using a piece of a tree trunk weathered and shaped by nature, is another simple but effective way to achieve an antique fireplace mantels manner. Select a piece of the trunk of any tree – pine, oak, cedar, for example. Each type of wood will give a slightly different, but the imperfections your piece of tree trunk has the best and most distinctive will. You can sand it down and polish it, or leave it uncovered.

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