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Black French Provincial Dresser

French provincial Dresser Style

August 17, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

Antique Wood Stoves Big

Wood stoves can be decorated to suit almost any type of interior design of traditional cottage or country to contemporary. Decorate comfort to a space. Make sure that any item that is placed near or around the wood stove are spaced so that they will not catch fire –Antique Wood Stoves Big

Paint the wood stove to give it a new look. Sand off any age or chipped paint. Wipe the cook top surface with disodium phosphate cleaner and a wire brush. This will help remove residual rust, grease or oil. Rinse the cook top surface with clean water, wipe with a clean cloth and allow to air dry. Follow up with a coat of paint high heat in a color you like. High heat paints this nature cure once you have turned the stove a few times. Add new hardware to the stove to update your look. Plants and Baskets antique wood stoves Big

Add some potted plants antique wood stoves big around the perimeter make sure they are far enough away to avoid burns from heat. Vertical Place photos or paintings on vintage wooden frames on the shelves that replicate the topic of wood burning \of old cases for storing items such as matches or regular cheese. Place cartons on the lower shelves.

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