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December 26, 2018 Tile & Granites

Arabesque Tile Providing Pleasant Freshness Texture

Arabesque tile – the hydraulic concrete is a material, produced and traditionally used since the late nineteenth century, in urban areas of the Mediterranean: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and former European colonies of North Africa and Latin America. It is made manually piece by piece, with the same artisan technique originally introduced by the Arabs more than 10 centuries ago and improved in the nineteenth century.

It is a paving which is characterized by the large variety of designs that allows the use of a wide range of natural colors and providing pleasant freshness texture. Arabesque tile, these tiles are made of cement which gives them great strength and solidity.

In addition to their resistance, these floors are characterized by its versatility, variety of designs and natural colors that make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Custom designs can be worked to obtain a unique product composition of their own creativity, arabesque tile will make a room unique. The result is a vibrant mix of colors with modernist designs and exquisite elegance. The classic hydraulic pavement carpets adorned with beautiful houses of the last century is back in today.

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