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January 8, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Backyard Landscape Design with Fence

Place a fence around the backyard gives privacy. Unfortunately, it can also create a large empty space to handle. Use the background provided by the siege and adds interest and depth to the patio. With a little planning, fenced backyard landscape design can become a “room” outside designed with a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Rooms Backyard

Create your rooms with backyard landscape design planning to divide the backyard in spaces that can be planted separately. Create corridors that lead directly to the fence, mostly as a lobby with gardens on either side. The fence becomes a wall that you can use to hang art abroad. Says each “room” garden with tall plants, shrubs, grasses or trees near the fence, putting plants of medium height in the middle and lower in front.

Sitting Area

Care centers around backyard landscape design looking and make you want to explore the place. Use the design of the fence and creates spaces with visitors there. Place a gazebo in it and a bench underneath. Choose a corner of the courtyard where both sides of the fence come together and placed a gazebo or beam that can support an awning, to generate a shaded outdoor space for dining or relaxing.

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