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July 30, 2018 Furniture Ideas

Best IKEA Floor Lamps

Take time to give us IKEA floor lamps to renovate a little decoration of your home. No need to throw the house out the window and you devote to paint all the rooms or change all the furniture. No matter how beautifully decorated is a room, if there is insufficient light or proper for it because otherwise the decor fails. This is where floor lamps can be of great help. Not only provide lighting, but are also a decorative element itself.

Unlike the lighting is suspended from the ceiling or walls, IKEA floor lamps can provide a more focused illumination when and where needed. They also create areas of interest in light and shadow. As in a given environment adds more character to a room of the house as the living room, dining room or bedroom

If you are using lamps in a room that has a TV, make sure that the lamp is not placed too close to the TV or does not throw its light directly on the screen. The average intensity, diffuse or indirect light is best to watch TV, so make sure IKEA floor lamps being used in that room is not placed near the TV.

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