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September 17, 2018 Home Ideas

Birch Logs Ideas Craft

Birch trees are commonly found in North America, and the wood is relatively cheap. It’s pretty easy to get birch logs, so that it can be used in many woodworking projects. Many craft projects using this wood, and that ends well. It also reduces and exercises with little difficulty.

Use thin birch logs to create a cute decoration for Christmas reindeer. Use unfinished birch logs for this job. Cut a long-standing record for the body of reindeer. Cut another strain on leg quarters and tail of the plate in the bottom of the reindeer so that legs were lying on the case record. The paint on facial features and add a splinter in the back for a tail.

Birch logs can also be used to create a rustic candle. Carefully remove the interior trunk using chisels or between the tip. Use wood glue to attach a tongue depressor at the bottom of the trunk to secure the base fuse. A wick attached to the base of the wick attached to the depressor and run the length of the candle with a thumb being wrapped around a pencil. Melt old candles to bath and add the coloring and essential oils if desired.

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