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August 25, 2018 Furniture Ideas

Build Race Car Beds for Toddlers

Car beds for toddlers – Most of the kids and the kids love to sleep in a bed shaped like a car from the race. To build a bed shaped like a race car is essential to have the right imagination and the necessary tools. This project requires enough time. First you need to understand what the car model chosen by your child and decide on the color of the paint.

To build car beds for toddlers,

draw the shape of the vehicle on the side of a piece of MDF. Place the model MDF on a workbench and fix it with clamps or terminals. Cut any straight edges and shaped parts of the car. After cutting the first side of the car, use it as a template for the second realized, so that they are identical.

If the machine choice has the opposite inclined, cut a piece of MDF oblique to accommodate the right thickness of the mattress and to make that perfectly matches the base of the bed. Used the screws rotating, to record and adjust the bed to suit your needs. To the rear, you must respect the same criteria of a double standard.

Once the four main parts of the car have been cut, use of the screws to assemble them and keep them together. Make sure that the front part of the car and the head board present on the outside edges of two projections for a greater stability of the bed. Executed is painting of the chosen color.

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Spray the primer evenly on the inside and outside of the car, covering the entire piece. Let dry for about two hours; you can also opt for a top coat of lacquer to give a shiny car. Buy a sticker kit of model car racing built, to make the car more realistic. When you have completed the project, place the car beds for toddlers in the bedroom and placed inside the mattress.

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