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January 29, 2019 Interior & Furnitures

Campaign Dresser After Overturning “Malm”

Overturning “Maim” -Commode have cost the lives of 2014 two young children in the United States. Not however with a product recall – manufacturer IKEA responds the campaign dresser now.

After the death of two infants by toppling campaign dresser offers the Swedish furniture giant IKEA in the US now a free set to fasten the pieces of furniture to the wall. The US Agency for Product Safety stated that the additional assembly parts are primarily intended for chests of drawers Series “Maim” with a height of 62 and 73 centimeters between. The furniture pieces constitute a risk if they were not attached to the wall.

IKEA thus responded the campaign dresser, according to the US authority to reports that two children died about two years old in 2014, after they were buried under overturning “Maim” -Commode. The furniture pieces were not attached to the wall. According to the US Agency IKEA has knowledge of 14 accidents of this type – with four wounded. The set for mounting on the wall offer to IKEA for about 27 million dressers and closets. Part of an awareness campaign, no recall Safety stand for Ikea “in the first place,” said a spokeswoman for Ikea Germany.

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