Ideas Under Bed Storage Drawers On Wheels

Smart Ideas under Bed Storage Drawers on Wheels

Best Platform Bed With Storage Ikea

Awesome Platform Bed with Storage Ikea

October 31, 2018 Storage Bed

Captain Bed with Storage DIY

Captain bed with storage – Captain bed provides storage space under the mattress in the form of built-in drawers. The framework for the captain’s bed consists of two main parts: the basic structure and drawers. This design incorporates two drawers on each side of the bed for a total of four. It is built with plywood and wood available at hardware stores, along with some basic tools and materials.

Captain bed with storage, place two pieces of 39-inch gasket 2 by 10 inches above the floor, standing on their edges of 2 inches. Place a piece of 73 1/2-inch between them, forming a long H. Configurations two pieces of 18 3/4 inches by 10 inches 2 board extending outward from the center of the board 73 1/2-inch, creating a form of “∃E”.

Captain bed with storage, place a sheet 39 75-inch plywood 1/2-inch above the tables. Having a friend helps lower plywood in place so do not hit the beard on. Drill a pilot 1/16 every 4 inches through the plywood and the edges of all tables hole. Put the pieces together with 3-inch wood screws inserted into the pilot holes. Flip the Assembly on the plywood it is on the ground. Place a sheet 39 of plywood 75 inches 3/4 inch on the boards. Screw in place the same way you did the other piece. This is the basic framework for the captain’s bed.

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