Awesome Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood Fireplace Mantels

January 9, 2019 Fireplace

Stone Fireplace Mantels in The World

Stone fireplace mantels is the great feature option for your own living room space in which they will be very good to set the weather when it is too cold and too hot. They are long last for more than 10 years, Drachma implemented and perfected the technology of high-quality cast stone fireplace, and this comment. With time and expertise, our product range has been expanded. It now includes a coat of furniture, matching wall covering, tablets as well as our latest gem: coats to home for 3 faces.

Most of our models are made coats with the ability to be adapted to the household in accordance with industry standards stoves and fireplaces, and, in order to adapt to all interior design projects. Mantels are lighter than other layers in the market. In addition, there was no increase your floor is required.

Our products are completely non-flammable. They can be attached to your home without having to worry about changing the appearance of the surface of the product. No special care is needed for stone fireplace mantels us. Excellent durability of our products is guaranteed by the technical process color uniformity of thought not only to the appearance of the surface, but for full integration at all levels of products. Our products are shipped in their own boxes adapted to ensure product safety in transportation.

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