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October 18, 2018 Home Appliances

How to Choose Kilim Beige

The kilim is a supplement that helps give warmth to the decor of stay . Of course, one must know to choose the right kilim beige, taking into account different aspects such as the size of the room , the color of the walls and floor , plus the type of furniture. Size of stay . In small spaces best to avoid saturating mats are thin, smooth tissue and soft tones.

Color soil . In rooms with dark wooden floor will choose a kilim of beige or light colors to give plenty of light. If, however, the floor of the room is clear we can give strength to a more colorful kilim beige. Color walls . The white walls and nude allowed kilim in soft tones of all kinds, smooth and light colors for a minimalist environment ; or stamped, hair and colorful for a pop style . The dark walls or recharged with boxes or other accessories thank floors clear, with light kilim.

The cheerful kilim beige . The kilim smooth color can give life to any room that needs a touch of joy. The volume and shine kilim look great in minimalist settings bit strained. The kilim with colorful geometric designs and bright colors can be the perfect accessories for a corner work or study vitalista .

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