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February 24, 2019 Furniture Ideas

Closet Organizing Tips

In this special we will focus specifically on how to put clothes, tips to keep order and also some closet organizing tips and folding clothes. And, to dress well, why not start with a perfect wardrobe.

  1. Empty your closet completely and check your clothes one by one separating into two blocks to organize closet organizing tips. Those that are in poor condition, broken and impossible to fix, deal with it, they should go away directly.
  2. Second step to organize closet organizing tips make two wardrobe changes a year is critical to have the perfect wardrobe. One in spring and one in autumn would be right. In autumn, we must keep the coolest clothes that will not use this season. In spring, all thicker garments and spare coat.
  3. Then, the ideal is to group the items by families in blocks. Block shirts, knit block, block jackets, etc. Within this order, can make subgroups, for example, blazers, jackets, dress, etc. Also, I recommend organize colors, tones and shades of light to dark. You can follow these order; white, earth tones, blues, grays, intense colors (red, green, yellow, orange, which are often the least) and finish with the black.
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