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December 15, 2018 Desk, Furniture Ideas

Contemporary Patio Furniture

Comes summer and with it the need to fit the garden to enjoy the most , so take advantage of long days at the pool, or under trees or just those endless nights when we were outdoors together with friends . First it is important to be prepared with a good atmosphere; it could be with contemporary patio furniture, allowing host group meetings.

First set of chairs is made ​​of metal structure covered cushions. They are very comfortable and are accompanied with great brazier’s plants more heat that are used as decorative, or do not, for some food “to stick.”

If you’re into the Amazon jungle, you do not need to become an explorer. Try placing a wood or rattan furniture for your contemporary patio furniture cushions cover with warm colors and lit with hanging lamps. With these items and have a friendly atmosphere. To create a lush tropical feel put plants like palms and ferns. Note the Wild put a pond surrounded by rocks, fish and a small waterfall in the background. Add a hurdle for roof sunshade and begins to enjoy nature with contemporary patio furniture without leaving home.

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