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January 13, 2019 Interior & Furnitures

How to control Rainfall Shower Head

The diverter terms shower and rainfall shower head sometimes used interchangeably, but they should not confuse one with the other. A shower diverter valve controls the temperature of water and the amount of incoming water. Shower diverter changes the direction of water flow from a head fixed to a hand shower and vice versa shower. Note that the diverter shower always installed after the shower valve. There are also several different types of diverters, such as diverter tub spout which switches the water flow from the spout to the shower head. Do not confuse a diverter for bath with one shower.

Rainfall shower head is controlled by a handle normally designed as a cross or straight handle. Sometimes it’s a switch that, when tilted forward or down, change the direction of water flow. The handle or switch is outside the bathroom wall in place by the coating, and is attached to a ball valve or a cartridge behind the wall. Although several different types of designs, all cartridges or valves operate in the same way.

All have inlet and outlet, depending on the direction in which water flows. If water flows in rainfall shower head, the aperture is input; if flows out, out. Touching the switch or turning the handle, the valve or change cartridge so that the entrance faces the shower valve,

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