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October 21, 2018 Small Furnitures

Covering Small Papasan Chair Ideas

Small papasan chair – round small papasan chair are chairs that sit on rattan or bamboo adjustable frames. Because of the difficulty in washing these large cushions, over time, either to be replaced or recovered to maintain its fresh new looks. To cover the mattress you can buy countertops or make your own. Making your own deck requires a new sewing machine and fabric to complete the project.

Measure the pillow papasan with a ruler fabric and add a few centimeters in length on each side and then duplicate measurements. Acquire enough fabric, preferably something durable and comfortable as denim or cotton and polyester blends, to meet the amount of measures it has taken. You must equal at least a couple of meters, depending on the shape of the small papasan chair.Wash the fabric and press with a hot iron to remove creases if necessary.

Covering small papasan chair, Fold the fabric in half and place the cloth on a clean as a freshly vacuumed floor flat surface. Remove the cushion and inspect the edges of the two sides of the fabric, ensuring that both parts are cut evenly. Cut out the areas that are not cut evenly. Place the two pieces so that the outer sides of the fabric facing each other, if they are not already, and pin with safety pins or sewing. Sew the two pieces together about an inch to 1.5 inches from the edge to the middle of the deck has been sewn. Place the middle cover sewn around the point pad by hand in the remaining half of the cover

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