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April 9, 2019 Door & Windows

Create DIY Door Curtain Panel Style

Door Curtain Panel – The decorative curtains with panel style add style to any home. If you are skillful or just want to save money by doing them, you’ll be glad you did. Panel style curtains can be use in any type of window. But look better on large ones, and can be made from almost any fabric and any color.

Measure the length and width of the window you plan to cover with the door curtain panel. And then add a third of a yard (30.48 cm) to the result. This is the amount of fabric you will need for your curtains. If you would like to make them look longer by hanging the panels higher, add them as needed to create that look. Buy the curtain fabric in the texture and color of your choice, using the measures you have determined.

Iron the fabric. Moreover, the edges will be somewhat finished, but you’ll want to iron that piece to the other side. And then sew the sides using a right stitch. Creates the lower hem by sewing it to the side with the lighter pattern. Bend the hem once more and plant it. Sew with a right stitch. Fold a half inch (1.27 cm) fabric down at the top, to the side with the lightest fabric color. Lay it relatively flat, then tape it with a right stitch, leaving enough space for a rod to enter the door curtain panel opening.

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