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October 12, 2018 Blind & Curtains

Creating a Bead Curtain Door

Bead Curtain Door – One of the great things about the outstanding films of the 60s was the unusual decoration of the living rooms. With half-odd furniture, separated from even stranger rooms, not by doors, but by wonderful curtains of beads. Unfortunately, although it is still possible to buy beaded curtains. They are so bland that they are a crude imitation of the originals. Here you will learn how to make a colorful and thick curtain with thousands of beads.

Make sure you have enough free time. Making your own bead curtain door is a repetitive Zen-like process. Which involves stringing individual beads into individual strands again and again. Part of the charm of this project is that it is slow and relaxing. However, you should not do it if you do not have a couple of hours free every day.

Measure the area you want to cover with the bead curtain door. A normal door frame is about 30 inches wide. But your project can become so ambitious that you may want to separate a portion of your living room. Which will create a much wider curtain. This is a good time to define how thick you want this curtain to be. That is, how close each of the bead strips will be between them.

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