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September 26, 2018 Home Ideas

Creative Seagrass Headboard Ideas

Seagrass is a renewable resource that is both strong and flexible. In wild, it grows in seagrass meadows submerged in shallow water clear. Artist’s fiber woven reeds seagrass to create baskets, furniture, rugs and other decorative accessories for home. Some craft stores sell bouquets of dried sea grass that can be used to weave in a variety of projects. To make a seagrass headboard, take knitting skills other craft using a carpet of seagrass available to create your design.

diy seagrass headboard

You can find a headboard made of natural materials, for example, or wood side tables look unfinished. For decorations seagrass headboard, you can place tall stems of flowers of jungle fabric, palm leaves or bamboo large vases on tables or floor entrance.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Creative Seagrass Headboard Ideas

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Seagrass headboard can blend into background or create an environment that transforms your room somewhere else entirely. For example, paint walls a light beige color and hang a border of small palm tree near top of room a sober or casual look. Paint a whole mural on a wall at least if you want something dramatic. On other hand, cover bottom of walls with seagrass or treatment that looks like a rodeo or bamboo tiki bar.

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