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Roman Shades For French Doors

August 20, 2018 Home Ideas

Decorating for Swing Arm Curtain Rod

Swing arm curtain rod, also called rods crane, address a number of problematic situations decoration. Next to the window frame on one side, curtain rods rocker pivot, allowing full access to the window. Tilting lofts for rent in broad daylight while allowing the intimacy of the night. Casement windows, sliding glass doors and other difficult areas of shade are places for a solution of the rocker. Consider these bars as small space problem solvers Curtain closet and room dividers.

Swing arm curtain rod are attached to one side of a window frame or door. Rods can be mounted separately to cover an entire window or in pairs, so that the curtains open conventional window frame. Rods come in a variety of styles from ancient to contemporary styles and several sizes to accommodate different weights of fabric.

The major aesthetic challenge with swing arm curtain rod is the appearance of the back of the curtain. Sheer curtains likely will look very similar. With heavier fabrics that have a defined side of the face, you may want to choose a liner that looks attractive when the curtain opened again from the window. One solution is to double the fabric used, so that the curtains look the same open or closed.

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