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December 2, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

Decorative Switch Plates the Best

Covers switch plate are so important in a room like the color of the paint on the wall. Covered need not be smooth. They can be decorative and add a creative spark to a room if the cover plate is decorated, simple or has a touch of whimsy. The key to choosing the cover plate of the switch is to find the right size and the right to match the decor of a room style- Decorative Switch Plates the Best

Watch the light switch to decorative switch plates the best see if it is a single or double switch; consider the width and length of the cover plate of the switch. Double switches are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Measure the size of the switch itself as these can also vary in size Decide what type of switch plate purchase. Select switch plate ceramic, metal, large, wooden or plastic covers depending on the room decor. A cover wooden switch plate will look better in a more rustic, less formal type of room, while a ceramic plate cover might be better in a bathroom or kitchen. Plastic plates and large are best for rooms that are used most often, such as a child or red room. Covered metal plates are a good choice for a formal type of room or bedroom.

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Sit and watch the room in decorative switch plates the best which the plate light switch will be placed. Select copper, embossing or cover plate brushed bronze for a formal living space or water, pastel, ceramic plate silver, white or brushed to a bathroom (See References 1) colors.

Choose a plate for children to a child or teenager’s room. Select an option like butterflies, princesses for a girl or a sports theme for a child. Encourage your child to be a part of the decor of the room, and ask for their input when choosing a cover plate of the switch.

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