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January 18, 2019 Door & Windows

Design of Door Window Curtains

Door window curtains – Curtains break up the space, provide privacy and add a luxurious decorative element when paired with decorative rods. Retakes installed halfway up each side of the door to keep the panels back when you want the door to remain clear.

Measure the width of the door window curtains and add 8 inches to the total. Buy a curtain rod long enough to span the distance. The extra inches will be distributed on each side of the door. Measure 4 inches above the top of the right corner of the door, then 4 inches to the right and mark the wall. Repeat for the left corner. Place a mounting bracket of each brand and mark the screw holes. Make sure the holes are level across the top of the door and adjust if necessary. Place a stud finder over the marked locations to determine if you have drywall anchors. Drill a pilot hole through each screw whole marks. Hammer drywall anchors carefully into the guide holes.

Hold tie-backs up to the mark, with the open side facing away from the door. Place the curved edge as close to the doorway as possible. Screw mounting screws through the mounting holes and into the wall. Wooden curtain rod through the tops of curtains and place the rod in the mounting brackets. Center the curtain opening in the middle of the rod, and gather fabric curtain behind retakes. Let the door window curtains flat against the wall until it balloons slightly over the edge of retakes.

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