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April 16, 2019 Home Designs

Diy Charging Station

It seems every electronic item these days comes with a charger. Often this means taking a number of spaces in a power strip and cluttering your desk and nightstand with endless gizmos. However, you can solve this problem by keeping all of your items charging in one place. When making your own charging station, reducing clutter and make it easy to locate your gadgets when .explanation Buy a letter tray that has enough slots and spaces for the items to be loaded into its charging station. Paint the tray a color of your choice and allow to dry completely before- Diy Charging Station proceeding.

Felt strips cut to the day charging station size of each letter tray slot. Glue each of the strips of the funds of the try openings. You can cover the sides too, if desired. This will act as protection to your electronics from scratches. Connect all shippers to the terminal. Cable ties the cords together making a tight wire trunk. Allow several centimeters from the side of the cable that connects to your tray turning over and cut a small wedge along the edge of each card slot.

Each opening must be diy charging station sufficient to fit the charging end of the large plug, but small enough so that it does not slip. Use a sharp knife to cut the wedge into the felt, too. Slide each of the charging plugs into the wedge. Push the cable so that it sits comfortably on the tip of the wedge. When you are ready to charge an electronic, simply plug as normal and place the electronic into the slot of felt.

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