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May 3, 2019 Door & Windows

Door Panel Curtains of Japanese Decor Ideas

Door Panel Curtains – Of linear and minimalistic aesthetics, the Japanese panels are a solution for the decoration. For the modern windows, with great beauty and infinite decorative possibilities. The Japanese panels are especially suitable for covering large windows.

From the ceiling to the floor. But are also suitable for smaller windows. And even as a practical sliding panel with which to separate several rooms. But still in the same room to which it is given several uses. They compose in several panels. With the same fabric or different fabrics, which move horizontally by guides or rails. Crossing and overlapping each other to provide privacy and prevent the passage of light.

There is some benefit of using door panel curtains. It is very decorative with being several independent panels that are a move by rails. Each of them can be of a different fabric, which allows combining different fabrics in the same curtain. Furthermore, also contribute innumerable aesthetic possibilities. Japanese panels are ideal for large wall panels (sliding doors, terraces).

Perfect for separating stalks. In rooms that are present various uses, Japanese panels use to separate different sections or environments, in an efficient and elegant way. With an easy installation and maintenance. Moreover, each panel attaches to your rail by a Velcro. So, you can easily disassemble them for washing or replacement. Likewise, this facilitates the cleaning of the crystals on which they are installed to your door panel curtains.

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