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February 14, 2019 Storage Bed

Double Queen Platform Storage Bed

Queen platform storage bed – Storage under the bed is an elegant solution to store your stuff out of the way. A bed frame 18 inches tall has more than 50 cubic feet of storage underneath. Building your own storage framework is a one-day project requiring only tools that most families have at hand. Build a two-stage bed with one side of the storage containers that allow immediate access, and the other with a sink close to the belongings of season

Queen platform storage bed set a beam 60 and a beam 77 inch L – shaped, with the end of the beam 77 inches abutting the inner face of the beam 60 inches. A two wood screws 4 inches, driven through the face of the shorter and the longer end of the beam. Set the other beam 60 inch against the free end of the beam 77 inches, forming a C – shaped Hold with two wood screws 4 inches, as it did with the first corner. Slide the remaining beam 77 inches inside the C-shape. Position so that it is parallel to the first beam, with its inner edge 30 inches from the outer edge of the first beam.

Place the 25 – inch beam with its end against the center beam of 77 inches. Establish a sheet of plywood on the open – face side of the queen platform storage bed frame. Its inner edge should run along the midline of the central beam 77 inches. Adjust the other sheet of plywood on the side not cover the bed frame. Place in position with three hinges.  Arena exposed faces of your bed frame, then add your mattress queen.

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