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November 24, 2018 Tile & Granites

Durability for Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone countertops – If you are going to tear down an old building, like a house, you can find old bricks and wood were the tests of time and you might even run across an old soapstone sink, stove or wood stove. Soapstone was commonly used during the colonial era in the United States and is still used today. It is one of the known and used by humanity impenetrable natural stones and has qualities of durability that exceeds even marble.

The soapstone material used to make called soapstone countertops and is mainly mined in Brazil and India. Because it is very durable, it is an exceptional material for counter applications. In domestic environments, soapstone slabs are cut to length wall tops and short counters and custom-made for the kitchen and bathroom areas. The owners are offering a less expensive alternative to marble and granite without sacrificing beauty and durability.

In its natural state, this has a blue, green or gray with creme or black grain. The color changes over time to a deep dark gray and have a warm atmosphere and see the marble and granite. Soapstone is also used to make laboratory counters and work desks in science labs and chemistry and for soapstone countertops and workstations in commercial buildings.

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