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July 28, 2018 Fireplace

Easy Create Faux Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces are ideal characteristics for all households, especially during colder months and festive days. Unfortunately, not all homes have a fireplace. Making your own faux fireplace mantel is easy and fun. Materials about craft store takes. Once you have created your fake fireplace, put it next to a wall and Christmas tree for a party look is complete.

Place two pictures of his left side, leaving top open left lapel. Place other two boxes on right hand, with flaps on right left open. Back of tape to form flaps of open hearth (inside of rear wall) of faux fireplace mantel, Repeat with last two boxes, and stack them in first two boxes.

Squirt brown, cream and red acrylic paint on a paper plate. Dampen a square sponge and wring well. Rub with sponge painting for mixing colors and covering surface of sponge completely. On front of fireplace, press sponge onto surface of box, leaving a faux fireplace mantel brick look. Create a row of bricks all way through box, then scroll up and create another line, Alternate rows of bricks to keep lines of “leaks” to look uniform. Add more paint to plate and sponge, as needed.

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