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July 27, 2018 Cabinet

Equipment Mirror Medicine Cabinet

Mirror medicine cabinet – drug content generally binding legal regulations intended. It must be determined by a physician organization contract risk. Exceptions shooting, school trips and auto first aid kit, first aid kit in which the content is prescribed. In case there is no organization, no special risk, you can use our content standard equipment package chest. First aid kits for workshops, laboratories and the like. Must be completed based on the expected risk.

Basic equipment for first aid in the mirror medicine cabinet can be found in the e-shop.

According to the experiences and needs of the home medicine cabinet add content other equipment that you know that it is often necessary. Home medicine cabinet advantageous to also have first aid instructions (such as first aid card for Slovakia. Stress few people remember the school examples of the use of first aid kits and first aid.

Without travel first aid kit to allow people to travel to other countries. Exceptions may be traveling by car, when we rely on the contents of the car first aid kit in the mirror medicine cabinet. Several checks and remember the last time something of the drugs used. Travel first aid kit and its contents are selected according to the types of routes, activities and countries in which we travel. Content chest type suitable for various applications see “Equipment (content) traveling chest.

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