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September 2, 2018 Fireplace

Fireplace Mantel Designs

The fireplace mantel designs rustic pine requires heavier and organic to a ledge with delicate carved accents. The arrangement of your shelf, either symmetrical or asymmetrical, should be roughly triangular. You will need a large piece to hang or support on the shelf, putting objects standing vertically at different heights and a long, low room, horizontally, all with adequate rustic feel.

A landscape ranch is not the only option as a piece of art for a rustic fireplace mantel designs.

You can hang a landscape, an abstract primitive portrait, black and white or a pencil drawing. Choose a large or hang a selection of smaller pieces on a network or tight group piece. Visually, the group will serve as a single large piece.

Choose frames that complement the rustic look of your fireplace mantel designs. Frames made from recycled barn wood are always appropriate. You can also choose frames branches or those made with battered and painted wood. Frameworks and old painted dark color with carved leaves look crossed corners properly organic and contrast of beautiful form with pine. Avoid frames with gold, silver or polished wood finishes, like anything that is delicate.

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