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September 5, 2018 Cabinet, Desk

First Aid Ikea Medicine Cabinet for Family

Ikea medicine cabinet – The kit at home can be more or less organized, but always keep a number of elements arranged to act on potential accidents. With children, the need for this kit is most evident, and this family first aid kit Ikea can be a good option.
Aside from its striking colors that are far from the typical white kit with the red cross is interesting enough to take a reduced basic materials for early attentions space accident.

The contents of the Ikea medicine cabinet is: a dressing for burns, burns gauze for three sterile dressings, two elastic bandages, disposable gloves, tape, mask, thirteen sticky pads, scissors, gauze five disinfectants and seven strips of different sizes.

It also has a handle for easy transport or for hanging when not in use, so it is also comfortable to carry in the car, if we make an excursion. We never thought of having to use these attentions of first aid, but as our children grow up we realize how necessary it is to have a kit at home and many times not just that of “healing, healthy”. This family Ikea medicine cabinet a can be a good choice, and the price is pretty cheap, 11’50 euros.

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