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September 18, 2018 Interior & Furnitures

French provincial Dresser Style

French provincial dresser style, also known as French Country, is one of the most popular decorations for interior design themes. French provincial furniture attempts to recreate the simple and elegant charm of the French countryside.


During the 18th century, French craftsmen in provincial centers such as Blois, Orleans and Lyon drew a rustic and affordable version of Parisians made designs rococo Louis XV. They combined form and function with grace, and made finer living more accessible to those living in the countryside.


French provincial dresser furniture usually adorned farmhouses and cottages in Normandy, Provence and Bordeaux from the 18th to mid-19th centuries.


Buffets, hutches, dressers, chairs and cabinets carved ladder-back are considered as the most important pieces of furniture provided by the French provincial period.


French provincial furniture features hand carved panels patinas conservative or rustic French provincial dresser oak, walnut, mahogany or Fruitwoods. Wood carvings and rare features simple lines turn are decorated with parquetry or veneered.


French provincial furniture with soft curves, straight lines and rectangular shapes with warm fabrics representing floral designs, pastoral scenes of rural people, nature and Chinese chinoiserie. The grounds include shells, ribbons, rolls, love knots, olives, roosters and sunflowers.

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