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July 30, 2018 Desk

Guideline to Build an White L Shaped Desk

White L shaped desk –  Starting with 24 inches (60 cm) on the side of 8 feet (2.5 m). The diagonal cut ends to 24 inches (60 cm) from one end to the other of wood . Cut the plate 18 inches (45 cm) into four equal parts. Measure the height of the cabinets. Short plate 1 8 (20 cm 3) into two equal parts. For example, if your filing cabinets are 2 feet (60 cm) tall, the 1 of 8 (20 cm 3) of the board shall be 4 feet (1 m) long. After the short and they will be two pieces 2 feet. Paint white the wood and plywood panels 1 of 8 (20 cm 3) and allowed to dry.

Creates a “V” with Tables 1 of 8 (20 cm 3). Bolted joints. Put them in the corner with the tip out. Place the plywood face down on the floor. Place the slices diagonally to create the “white L shaped desk“. Place locked loop and stand in “V” in the area where the plates are connected. Place the plates together. Gaskets placed in one corner by 8 (20 cm 3). Slide the cabinets at each end.

Check the bottom of the timber plywood to the width of each cabinet. Riding a trim piece on each side of binder with two screws. Sets the wood around the outside of the white L shaped desk. Iron around the edge to the bar with the adhesive sticking to the wood.

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