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Installing Medicine Cabinets with Lights

June 26, 2018 Bathroom

Guideline to Install Kohler Medicine Cabinet

Kohler medicine cabinet – Finding a wall stud with an electronic stud finder. Mark the location of the feet to the height you want to hang bar mount medicine cabinet. Drill two 3/16 inch holes in the center of the long lip of the mounting bar. Place the mounting bar on the wall in its permanent location. Draw a line to mark the top of the mounting bar then make two points to represent the holes drilled for the mounting bar.

Screw the mounting bar in place with the hex head screws 2 inches previews. Check again to make sure the mounting bar is level before installing Kohler medicine cabinet the second screw. Mark the center of the mounting hole in the clip with a pencil. Repeat step 6 with the left mounting clip. Remove the mounting clips and lift the medicine cabinet and out of the beam. Place the mounting clip to the left so that it is centered on the mark left.

Place the cabinet to the wall. First slide the upper lip mounting clips and slide the cabinet down to her lower lip fits into the slot in the mounting bracket. Install the side supports. Monte side mirrors. Install the shelves Kohler medicine cabinet.  Cover unused holes with caps provided holes. Slide the shelves in the appropriate hooks.

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