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September 27, 2018 Blind & Curtains

How to Hang Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Double curtain rod brackets are equipped with two rods attached to a set of mounting brackets. A panel of pure hangs behind a regular set of curtains, providing privacy when the curtains are open to allow sunlight through the windows. A double rod hangs in the same way as a single rod; without additional hardware and all necessary mounting brackets and screws are included in the kit rod. If you are installing a drywall surface not supported by a structure of posts, it is required that the drywall anchors.

Measure the width of the window and add 8 inches total. Purchase double curtain rod brackets extending across the width of the window. Measure 4 inches up to 4 inches away from each upper corner. Alternatively, mark an identical point on each upper corner molding on the window. Attach the mounting brackets to each brand and mark the screw holes.

Drill pilot holes through each screw hole not supported by an amount of drywall and trim. Use a drill of a size smaller in diameter than the mounting screws. Insert the tip of a drywall anchor in one of the holes and gently pound on the wall with a hammer. Repeat, filling each hole with an anchor. Screw the mounting double curtain rod brackets on the molding plaster or anchors.

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