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April 16, 2019 Blind & Curtains

Hang Single Curtains for Sliding Doors

Curtains for sliding doors – A directional displacement curtains and rods are designed for sliding glass doors. A one-way curtain opens in the same direction as the sliding glass door, so you can control the amount of light and access your preference. The gantry-style rod, you can open and close the curtain from a cord attached to the side of the curtain. Full curtain opened on a track; and when mount properly, allow the curtain the whole window area to be expose so that the doors are fully functional and attractive.

Hang a single curtains for sliding doors, measure the width of the sliding glass door. If you want your curtain to gather outside the window area, add 12 inches for every 5 meters door width. Choose a one-way traverse curtain rod which opens in the direction of your sliding glass door. Assemble the traverse curtain rod system 4 or more inches above the door trim. The system should be even with the door trim on the side where the door opens and extends past the door trim on the side where the curtain collects when not in use. Screw the brackets directly into wall studs, using the 3-inch wood screws and a screwdriver.

As a result, pull the string down on the collecting side of the door. Install a tension pulley supplied by the crane system kit to the wall according to specific instructions from the manufacturer. Pull the cord so that the master cylinder and the arm are in the close position. This places the arm above the handle on the sliding glass door. Insert drapery pins at the back center of your curtains for sliding doors pleat so that the upper hook of the insert is one inch from the top of the sheet. Position the drape of decorator fabric to the room. Hook the next pin in the first small plastic glasses.

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