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September 1, 2018 Fan

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Design

A Harbor Breeze ceiling fan allows homeowners the convenience of remote blower operation along with the benefits of reduced costs of heating and cooling ceiling fans provide. Harbor Breeze is sold exclusively by Lowes, which also offers installation services. Homeowners who want to wire the ceiling fan remote Harbor Breeze itself is that it is a moderately easy project. Each model is different, so check your remote ceiling fan installation guide Hampton Bay for all the details about your specific fan.


1. Access the main breaker box of the house to turn off power to the location where you are wiring the fan. Use a circuit tester to ensure that no lines are still hot. If a light is installed there, remove it by loosening the canopy or cover with your drill or screwdriver and disconnecting cables. Unscrew and remove the electrical box is plastic or will not support the weight of a ceiling fan.

2. Locate the neutral wire electrical box, usually white. If colored tape was applied to the cable, stop and contact an electrician, since the use of the wire may have been altered and is no longer neutral. Locate the white wire from the fan. Connect the cables for the first half inch separation coating two wires with wire strippers.

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