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September 21, 2018 Home Designs

Homemade Wooden Deacons Bench

Deacons bench is a small bank hand often kept in the entrance hall or lobby as a place where one can sit and remove or put on shoes and coats, hats or plots lay down. Box under the seat or opens so you can store things like flashlights, rain hats or towels that could be useful. The construction is relatively simple as the piece often comes in a decidedly simple style anyway.

Deacons bench, cut the bottom of the plywood box and make it large enough so that the sides sit on top of the bottom. Glue the bottom of the box aside and screw in place. Countersink the screws so they are completely against the wood. If you wish, you can screw some short heavy legs to the bottom to lift the bank floor.

Deacons bench, use corner molding in the corners and edges to give the piece a final taste. Cut the corners at an angle of 45 degrees where the sides are joined by a miter box or miter saw. Use nails and glue to attach the trim molding, then countersink the nail heads and apply a touch of wood filler to cover holes.

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