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December 9, 2018 Desk, Furniture Ideas

How to Build a Loft Beds with Desk

For small bedroom, you need to have versatile unit including loft bed with desk which will consist of both desk and the bed itself for sleeping and studying. Many people live in small spaces and may need to be creative when designing living area so that it can accommodate all your activities. If you have a small space that allows you to have your bed and desk on the floor, build a loft bed with desk underneath and have enough space. Instructions to build a loft beds with desk.

  1. Measure and cut wood to build a loft beds with desk. To make the bed frame, you’ll need 1.22 x 1.22 x 1.83 m long; the basis for your mattress needs a piece of plywood 1.27 cm, 99.06 x 190.5 cm.
  2. Build the bed first. Start with the 1.22 cm x 1.22 cm. Draw a line through the post to 30.48 cm from the top of each frame. Make drill holes in a diagonal pattern, and mark them so they can go through the posts and side planks and allow you to insert a bolt through both pieces of wood with space to attach washers.
  3. Build your desktop. Inside each pole, measure and draw a line about 71.12 cm above the floor. Attach your brackets to the ends of the head and foot of your bed.
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