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August 16, 2018 Home Designs

How to Build a Small Turquoise Ottoman

A small turquoise ottoman, or footstool, can be as personalized handmade as you would like it to be. Once you realize how quick and easy it is to create a small ottoman, they will be making to hide in every corner of your home. Put them around a coffee table for an impromptu picnic. Choose turned legs or wheels gather to create the legs to the bottom of the Ottoman to the most mobile stool. Master the main stages of construction and then you can start being creative with the setting.

How to Build a Small turquoise ottoman, Cut ¾ inch plywood 18-by-18-inches. If you have a circular saw, ask the center for home improvements to cut the wood when you are buying. Measurement of three inches from the edge of the wood to determine where the feet are installed. Mark the location of the feet.

Three drill holes through the plywood, where the feet or wheels will be installed. Insert screws through the legs and plywood. Place a piece of 2 by 2 meters fabric in a flat work surface. Place batting on top of the fabric and the foam on top of the bat. Place the turquoise ottoman side down, with his feet pointing up, on the foam. Pull the fabric and batting up and over the top of the turquoise ottoman.

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