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September 14, 2018 Bathroom, Desk

How to Build an Enclosed Outdoor Shower Heads

An enclosed outdoor shower heads is an ideal accessory for any pool or playground to get fun with your children when you gather and play with them. People can use this shower to wash off the dirt and soil before swimming in the pool or before entering the house. This shower can be accompanied by its own line of outdoor water.


  1. Find the line of outdoor water outside your house. Measure from the water line to the outer wall with a tape measure at the place where you want to mount the outdoor shower heads.
  2. Passing an end of a length of hose screwed into the opening in the tube and squeeze water line. Screw and tighten the other end of the hose to the outdoor shower heads.
  3. Nail the start of the housing on the outside wall of the house with two stakes placed across the width of one of the panels of the fence.
  4. Connect the stakes with a length of rope. Measure the angles formed by stakes and strings with a square to make sure that every corner has an angle of 90 °.
  5. Fill each hole with gravel.
  6. Joins two panels of the fence three poles to form an “L” placing nails evenly spaced poles and then to the sides of the panels with a hammer.
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