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August 30, 2018 Desk, Fireplace

How to Build DIY Fireplace Mantel

You will love your own DIY fireplace mantel , they look good because it is handmade and excellent which will be interesting in your living room appearance for its best use. The DIY fireplace mantel is the crown area of ​​the chimney, and you can build one in different ways and with different designs. Here you will find a basic design for a cloak that will look good as is, or can be decorated to suit your preferences.


  1. Cut out all the tables using the saw. Measure the width around DIY fireplace mantel. This will be the extent to which the board must be cut 4. Cut 1 Table 6, 2 inches longer than the measurement taken, and short table 1 8, 2 inches longer than the 1 6.
  2. Sand all wood. Lima tables with the belt sander, starting with 60 grit to 200, which will leave the wood as smooth as glass.
  3. Weapon mantle. Do this on the floor or other flat surface before mounting on the wall. Place Table 1 for 8 first and above that of 1 6. The edge should be sunk and each side must be one inch shorter. Glue and screw the boards. Place timber 1 by 4 on 1 6. Check again for the edge is sunk and is 1 inch less on each side.
  4. Use a dye to match color around the DIY fireplace mantel. You can use natural colors or alter the tone if you prefer. Let the garment dry for at least 48 hours before placing it above the fireplace.
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