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April 10, 2019 Door & Windows

How to Cover Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding glass door curtains – Although there are a number of ways to cover both the sliding glass doors and windows. The curtains are one of the simplest and most elegant selections. You can choose colors and styles to match your home decor. Plus, all you need is a curtain rod, which can be as plain or as fancy as you want, to hang above the door and the window to support your curtains.

When you cover sliding glass door curtains, choose curtains for your windows and doors. For ports, select full-length curtains hanging to the floor, but make sure they do not collect on the floor. For window select full-length curtains hanging to the floor for formal rooms, living rooms or dining rooms. Half length curtains hanging just past the window sill with 3 to 4 inches works well in casual rooms, a family room or a children’s room. The laundries must curtains just tap on the window sill, such as kitchens and laundries. For a romantic and extravagant look curtains can be long enough to collect on the floor, although this works best in bedrooms.

To cover sliding glass door curtains, choose a fabric that is right for your room and do well. Lightweight fabrics, such as lace or pure cotton or polyester. Lets more light in and gives the room an airy, open feel, while providing a measure of privacy. Heavier fabrics, like wool and canvas, block out more light and provide greater privacy. If you want to hang curtains for insulation purposes, choose insulated curtains.

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