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April 23, 2019 Roof & Ceilings

How to Create a Coffered Ceiling

If our house is decorated in antique style or rustic, we can adapt to design a coffered ceiling. It is a very popular in past centuries, and which consists of the installation of frames in wood in the ceiling, which are then finished with decorations based paint or aniline, if you opt for the single color.

To create a coffered ceiling, then typically classic or rustic, we need to place the murals in wood evenly distributed, and able to form a grid with many squares all the same size. After the installation, within fasten the plywood and proceed with grouting of all wood, a coat of cementite and finally passed paint, aniline or waxes.

However, if we decide to realize the structure to be affixed to the ceiling to give life to the drawers, can alternatively be assembled on the ground all the grids. It is possible to replace it with the polystyrene.

After creating so the grid that serves as a coffered ceiling, we take the polystyrene panels and tailor them cut out of the many squares that make up the ceiling realized, then we provide to their coloration. Continuing the theme classic, each panel we can paint with any material or coated with paper or cloth.

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